Ransom Presents...

Ransom has finally decided to join Uncle Otis and other Toronto retailers by allowing their wares to be purchased online. Along side their own brand, Ransom will be selling Goodfoot, Visvim, Converse, New Era and others. You can check out the store here, but be warned, it's still young.

Courtesy of Ransom.

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Ransom Party @ This is London 03/19

Ransom will be hosting a fashion show/ party at This is London, located on 364 Richmond Street West. German electro-tech producer and DJ Boys Noize will be in attendance to drop some dope music. The doors will open at 10 P.M. with the show scheduled to start one hour later.

Courtesy of Ransom.

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Weekly Roundup 1 *Update III*

Weekly Roundup will be a new Friday feature on T.Dotty that will gather any product drops that occurred during the past week as well as give a heads up to any drops occurring on the weekend. This weekly feature will help save you and me time.

As rare as it is, if there is a major, highly anticipated drop during the week, its posting will not be delayed until the Friday, but will be posted as soon as it comes to my attention. This is to make sure no one misses out on anything. For everything else, it's Friday. If your looking for a specific item that you just need to have as soon as it goes on sale and can't wait for word of it in the roundup, I have compiled the list of shops for a reason. Give 'em a call, they'll be happy to help.

The roundup may be updated at anytime from its posting on Friday to late Saturday and the title will reflect any changes made. If a certain product is not in the roundup, keep an eye out for the following week. Any more questions hit me up via email or comment. Also, I appreciate any submissions from readers. If I missed anything, or you'd like something posted on the blog, email me and I'll see what I can do. Only if it pertains to Toronto/GTA only.

Goodfoot will be releasing a grip of Nikes on Saturday, the 14th. Expected to drop is the Air Max 90 Current "Moire", Air Force 2 "Gucci", Blazer Vintage in blue and red colourways, and Jordan 1 Hi "Sapphire" (Richmond only).

Nomad has announced that they have received Supreme's newest lineup. The pieces will be going on sale on Saturday.

Livestock will have a quartet of Jordans on Saturday. Livestock, on Thursday, released BBC full zips, jackets, and tees. G-Shocks, pieces of Play Cloths season 2, Oakley Frogskins, Keep shoes, Reigning Champ spring '09, MHI pieces, and Penfield jackets also rounded out the Thursday LS releases.

Stolenriches has also received a decent amount of gear. Jordan 3/20 Countdown Pack, Nike AM90s, Air Max 1 Supreme QKs, Air Force 1 DJ Clark Kent and All-Star Supremes plus Reebok Geo Floral freestyle pack and Michael Chang IIs constitute the footwear releases, with Kid Robot Spring '09 pieces for those looking for some new tees or shirts.

North Trooper has received a run of Air Max Classic '95 Neons from sizes 8.5 to 11.

provides us with a Rogue Status & DTA delivery, the Kikstyo March releases, Quolomo x Yone Exhibition limited edition tees, Sixpack France Spring '09 collection, some fresh New Balance Limited Edition M850s, and some more Air Jordan 1 Phat Low Cements.

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Inquiringmind Magazine Issue 11

The team at Inqmnd Magazine has just released another feature-filled, high quality issue. In their 11th issue, Inqmnd covers one of Canada’s best skaters, Wade Desarmo as they take a look at his life and accomplishments as a skateboarder and of his experiences in the infamous DGK skateboard squad. This month's issue also highlights Nike's prolific Sportswear division, with an in-depth discussion with NSW's creative team and a detailed look at NSW's latest offerings for Spring/Summer 2009.

Read and enjoy.

Courtesy of Inquiringmind Magazine.

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