North Trooper: Air Jordan 1 Military & Womens Air Force 1 Low Canvas

North Trooper has given us a sneak peak at the Air Jordan 1 Military that will be arriving soon at the shop. Two colourways will be available; the first a Medium Brown/Urban Haze-Hay-Anthracite (pictured above).

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Air Jordan 1 Military - Medium Brown/Urban Haze-Hay-Anthracite.

The second Air Jordan 1 Military colourway that North Trooper will carry will be a more subtle Pearl White/Hay-Walnut.

We will give you an update once these arrive in-store.

For the women, North Trooper has the Womans Air Force 1 Low Canvas in turquoise, tiffany, and bright orange colourways. These are perfect colours for the summer.

Courtesy of North Trooper

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