Livestock x Reigning Champ x Adidas

One thing is for certain, Livestock has been pretty busy collaborating with fellow Vancouver native Reigning Champ. Adding to the Totem Zip Hoody, Livestock and Reigning Champ present to us a rice mesh thermal henley and a heavy weight zip hoody. Both classic pieces in their own right, Livestock decided to incorporate their new ZX450 into the mix. The removable velcro name tag found on the tongue of the Livestock ZX450 can be placed on both the henly and hoody via loop patches sewn onto the garments...

Furthurmore, Livestock and Reigning Champ continue incorporating the sneaker into the apparel by placing the military style garment tag onto the front of both pieces.
This is an interesting intermingling of apparel and footwear that Livestock, Reigning Champ and Adidas have brought us, and we hope other brands build on this concept.

And just in case your weekend isn't crazy enough, Livestock will be hosting a launch party at their shop, here in Toronto on Saturday. It will be bumping from 8 - 11 in the evening, and there will be free drinks courtesy of Amsterdam Beer.

Here are some more shots:

Courtesy of Livestock.

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