Air Jordan V "Raging Bull" Pack Hits Toronto

Many of Toronto's Air Jordan aficionados have been looking forward to this Saturday, for it marks the release of the Nike Air Jordan Retro V "Toro Bravo" or Raging Bull pack.

The pack, consisting of a suede red and a 3M black version of the beloved Jordan V sneaker, is being hailed as the successor to 2006's highly sought after Air Jordan DMP release. The shoe is inspired by a special and heralded species of bull which is bred for the infamous annual Running of the Bulls event in Pamplona, Spain. The black version is inspired by “both the Toro Bravo, known for its aggressiveness, strength, vigor and intelligence, and Michael Jordan’s basketball career, which exemplified these qualities and more.” On the other hand, the red version “represents the passion, inspired by Michael Jordan’s drive for the game with its color taken from the red bandannas runners in Pamplona wear.” A special custom-box set featuring the menacing eyes of a red-eye’d pull peering through a crate keeps in line with the shoe’s concept at hand.

The pack will be available at the usual drops such as The Vault, Livestock, and Goodfoot Richmond. Quantities will be extremely limited and come with a $409.95 (GDFT) price tag.

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