St. Clair Goodfoot In Trouble?

Times have become tougher for a lot of Canadians (thanks in part to the enormous amount of FDI in the country), and the current economic slump has left no industry untouched.

However, for us in streetwear, this is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing comes in the form of better prices and the sloughing off of the weaker, uninteresting "me too" brands. The curse is most felt by the boutiques in our beautiful city. Slow sales, and lower prices on their goods means less profit. Sure, some shops may be better suited to weather out the storm, but even relative giants like Goodfoot are feeling the pinch.

For the months of January, Febuary and March, Goodfoot will be turning its lackluster St. Clair shop into a sales outlet, where they will offload the goods that haven't been selling at their other two locations. This is obviously good news for us, as we get to pick up some new gear for cheap.

In light of this however, one cannot help but wonder about the future of the St. Clair location. It was opened just last summer, but from its inception it has not been well received by many of the long time Goodfoot supporters. Numerous complaints have circled around the weird location and the sub-par store interior - when compared to the Richmond and Yorkville locations. Other complaints focused on the lack of product available - again, compared to the other locations.

In these times, where even large corporations are hurting, businesses cannot simply afford to nurture under-performing and inefficient entities. Many businesses are pulling in tight, cutting down, and trying to weather out the storm. Will Goodfoot do the same?


  1. Anonymous2/10/2009


    Not necessary to saturate their brand name.

  2. Anonymous3/13/2009

    I can see both St Clair and Yorkville on the chopping block very soon with high rent and no product being the problem. In fact I heard they lost their Visvim account as well.

    My guess is the great white hope is spending too much time sucking Kanyes D*@k and not enough time working in his stores.

    Rip Goodfoot MTL, Hoodfoot and Yorkville

  3. Anonymous3/15/2009

    I've been wondering this myself too. Cause I noticed the St.Clair location almost seeming like a goodfoot "outlet" so to say.

    I think the Yorkville store has good potential cause of the traffic there. Been to that store numerous times and I see passerbys curious about the store and end up wandering in.

    It'll be interesting to see how all this pans out.

  4. Passerbys may wander in, but they still need to buy something to make their visit worthwhile (to GDFT).

    I honestly think the Yorkville location is probably the best placed GDFT in the city. The massive amounts of traffic, both foot and vehicle down Bay and the "upscale" feel of the store is definitely not going to hurt. They do need to let their presence be known though, as they aren't as prevalent as the Nike store a block down on Bloor with its bright orange logo and banners.

  5. Anonymous4/24/2009

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