Toronto's Own: Image Spark

ImageSpark is a designer's holy grail. This cloud application allows a person to upload any image, creating a depository of inspiration.

Why am I posting about Image Spark, when T.Dotty is about streetwear?
Well, the streetwear industry was constructed by extremely creative individuals and a large majority of those who partake in our niche are interested in, study, or have a career in the creative fields. I, myself, am studying architecture and can see myself making great use of Image Spark, whether it be finding inspiration to start a project, or further organizing and refining my ideas via Image Spark's "MoodBoard". It will become a tool of tremendous value to many.

Another reason why I am posting about Image Spark is because the firm Teehan+Lax who developed it are based in Toronto, in an area which should be quite familiar to many of you - Richmond and Spadina. Many would argue that this area is the city's creative center. The rich retail environment of Queen St. West and the cultural diversity present amalgamate to create a playground for creativity to run rampant. The perfect storm, that undoubtedly helped fuel the conception of Image Spark.

The best part of Image Spark (besides its free registration) is that one can see others images, and even add them to their own personal collection. To get the kind of visual knowledge Image Spark gives access to, one would need to scour the endless design magazines, websites and forums. Even then, only so much can be saved or retained. With Image Spark, it is all right there. Be inspired.

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